Sara Møller Østergaard

Sara Møller Østergaard

About me

I’m a PhD candidate at the department of Cognitive Science and AI at Tilburg University with Bruno Nicenboim as my supervisor. I am working on the development of computational models of reading and sentence processing. The project will rely on methods and ideas from psycholinguistics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and Bayesian modeling.

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Bayesian (Cognitive) Modelling

  • Bayesian modeling of complex behavior using Stan or brms. For my Master’s thesis in Cognitive Science, I did a project on computational models of interpersonal categorization using a Bayesian workflow [GitHub repo].
  • Data analysis using Bayesian modeling techniques. As instructor for the course Bayesian Computational Modelling, I taught Bayesian data analysis based on Richard McElreath’s book Statistical Rethinking.

Natural Language Processing

  • Projects using methods from Natural Language Processing to detect signals in large text corpora. The emoDynamics project aimed to detect dynamics in emotion expresion in tweets [paper] [GitHub repo]. Additionally, I have worked on developing tools for automatic discovery of emerging (conspirational) narratives.

Meta Science

  • How the use of informed priors in Bayesian data analysis can facilitate cumulative science. This project started as my Bachelor’s thesis in Cognitive Science that a wrote in collaboration with Frida Hæstrup. It is now an ongoing project joined by Riccardo Fusaroli [GitHub repo].
  • During my internship with the Computational Cognitive Science research group at Radboud University, I worked on a project on multiple realizability in relation to scientific inferences made from reverse inference in neuroscience together with Olivia Guest and Iris van Rooij.